Inside a Kids Under Cover studio

Help ease the pressure for families in crisis

Please consider donating to Kids Under Cove before June 30 to help us to deliver studios to the families on our waitlist.

Hi there! I’m Kate, I work in the Fundraising Team at Kids Under Cover. It’s my job to make sure that we’re raising enough money to be able to deliver our Studio Program to the many regular Aussie

Studio design

Our studios are sustainable, heat efficient and durable – constructed from Durra Panel a sustainably sourced building material produced in Bendigo that insulates against sound and heat while being stronger, safer, and superior to plasterboard. Durra Panel is made from reclaimed wheat straw waste that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Each studio includes a bathroom, and a study nook in each bedroom so the young person(s) can have a suitable place to study and/or relax. The studio doesn’t have a kitchen – an intentional design choice that encourages young people to stay connected to their families and carers at key moments like meal times.

Studio construction

Studios are prefabricated by our construction partners at Ortech in Bendigo, with the entire building packed up as a flat-packed kit with pre-assembled frames and transported via truck to the installation location.

Once the kit arrives at the property where it will be installed, our builders at Harris HMC assemble the kit in-situ in the family’s backyard – Erected and fully fitted within 10 days.


Every studio is regularly monitored and maintained by Kids Under Cover, ensuring ongoing quality control and maximum longevity.

Our maintenance teams provide general repairs throughout the lifetime of the studio as well as annual maintenance checks to ensure everything is working properly so the young resident can stay safe and comfortable in their living space.


Once the studio is no longer required, it can be relocated to accommodate another young person in need.

Every studio is demountable and able to be flat-packed for relocation up to four times, before being craned onto a truck and transported to its next location to provide relief to more young people and their families.

Build time

Once the application is approved and funding has been allocated, Kids Under Cover will work in partnership with builders, local councils, the social worker and the family to start planning for the Studio installation.

The time it takes from approval of application varies depending on many different factors, such as council approvals and build programs. Once everything is in place building the studio onsite usually takes between 10-15 days.

Help ease the pressure for families in crisis

Please donate to help ease the strain by building studios for families in need.