Scholarships Program

Our Scholarships Program helps to nurture the potential of young people by offering financial support that can re-engage them with education or training; or help take their studies to the next level.

The Kids Under Cover Scholarships Program is tailored for young people who are eager to pursue their educational development but need support to procure the resources required for these experiences. It’s often additional expenses such as uniforms, laptops, excursions and camps that can lead to social exclusion and discouragement for young people.

Quote: The scholarship has helped confirm that people care about her, believe in her and want her to achieve her goal of going to university. It has boosted her confidence and helped her to feel she has contributed to the cost of her education... I believe these differences have been even more important than the financial benefit of the scholarship.

A sense of not being able to participate on a level playing field can result in a lack of motivation and drive, prematurely ending the educational journey for some. But, surveys of our participants and their carers have shown that in addition to enabling and encouraging further education and training, many scholarship recipients experience positive impacts on their confidence, mental wellbeing and improved social inclusion.

Kids Under Cover Scholarships

Find our more about the various scholarships that are offered through Kids Under Cover’s Scholarships Program thanks to the generous support of our partners and donors.

Kids Under Cover Scholarship

The Kids Under Cover Scholarship helps support young people who have a demonstrated passion and motivation to continue their education but are burdened by the cost of essential resources. Scholarships are offered to young people aged 12-25 years old who are undertaking schooling, TAFE, university or vocational training and who occupy or have a Kids Under Cover Studio on their property.

Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship

The Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship is designed to acknowledge young adults who have shown initiative and drive to achieve exceptional outcomes in their personal, educational or career aspirations. This is a is a one-off scholarship to the value of up to $5,000 awarded to a young person who is supported by our Studio Program.

Sarah Davies Empowering Women Scholarship

The Sarah Davies Empowering Women Scholarship aims to support a young woman who demonstrates exceptional educational potential and a commitment to help support her community.

DFFH Student Scholarship

Kids Under Cover is proud to administer this initiative of the Victorian Government's Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) that aims to overcome barriers in students’ educational attainment and assist in school retention.