Our Story

Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness that was founded in 1989 by businessman and philanthropist, Ken Morgan AO.

Now, more than 30 years later, we’re still committed to building brighter futures for young people through our programs and partnerships.

Our Founder's Story

Kids Under Cover was established in 1989 by well known Melbourne identity, Ken Morgan OAM, who felt compelled to respond to the findings of the Senate National Inquiry into youth homelessness, known as the ‘Burdekin Report’. The disturbing findings of the inquiry moved Ken to raise the funds to build a house for homeless young mothers.

Ken’s passion to increase the support offered to young people facing homelessness instigated the birth of Kids Under Cover.  Ken was determined to fill the huge gap in support offered to young people in the community.

Our Studio Program

We build relocatable, one and two bedroom studios, with a bathroom, in the backyard of a family or carer’s home. The extra room relieves overcrowding, eases tension and provides young people with a secure and stable environment.

The studio remains in place for as long as it’s required. Kids Under Cover will relocate a studio up to four times during its lifetime, to help other families in need.

Our Scholarships Program

We complement our Studio Program with the delivery of scholarships for education or job training, offsetting basic education costs to empower young people to achieve their goals.

Not only are our scholarships awarded to young people residing in our studio, but also their siblings in the main home –helping to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

Our Village 21 Model

Village 21 is a supported accommodation model developed through a partnership between Kids Under Cover and Anglicare Victoria.

Each project developed using the Village 21 model includes a group of purpose-built studios co-located with shared facilities that create a supportive environment where young people can develop independent living skills.

Stories of change

Over the years since 1989, the Kids Under Cover team has met and supported hundreds of young people and their families through our programs, initiatives and partnerships.

Although the key factors and hardships that might put a young person at risk of experiencing homelessness might be consistent, there’s one thing that our team has learned in nearly 35 years of working with the community: No two stories are the same; everyone’s personal experience is unique.

We’re constantly motivated by the stories of resilience, growth and change that we hear from young people and their families.