Make a promise for kids

Transforming tomorrows

Your legacy can provide secure accommodation—a haven in a family’s or carer’s backyard—when young lives are at the brink of homelessness. Your support can fuel scholarships, ensuring that education isn’t a distant dream.

Your Promise can rewrite stories, shaping brighter futures.

Make your Promise For Kids

You have the power to create safety, nurture potential, and let young people know that they are valued and supported. Creating your own Promise For Kids is a commitment to always protect, support, and empower young people. Consider leaving a lasting impact by including Kids Under Cover in your Will.

The impact of your Promise

There are various ways to include Kids Under Cover in your Will. Regardless of your choice, every gift is valued and used wisely.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing you’re leaving a lasting impact on our community, and you will receive regular updates on the impact of our work and what your gift can achieve.


Gifts in Wills Guide

We acknowledge the weight of this decision. Our comprehensive guide will provide insights, and our specialist advisor is ready to answer your questions.

Your Promise For Kids will resonate profoundly, shaping the destinies of generations to come. When consulting your solicitor, refer to this card for suggested wording.

Thank you

Your Promise For Kids has the power to transform young lives, leaving a legacy of enduring kindness.