Our impact

Our programs are having a transformational impact on the lives of young people and their families.

The personal anecdotes we hear every day tell us that our work is not only improving lives right now, but helping build optimism and a positive trajectory for brighter futures.

Every year, the impact of Kids Under Cover’s work for families is measured by external research consultants. These annual program evaluations help to gauge exactly how the lives of families have been improved by the addition of a studio at home or by receiving an education scholarship.

Research and resources

A range of external research projects conducted over many years show that the changes experienced by studio recipients, their families and carers is overwhelmingly positive.


Read about the lived experiences of the families and young people we work with in our newsletters, annual reports and research papers.

Where are they now?

One of the great pleasures of supporting young people is having the chance to revisit down the track and see how far they’ve come. There’s something extraordinary about knowing the stable foundation we helped provide offered a platform from which to shape a flourishing adult life.