Donate Your Car®

Donate Your Car® is Kids Under Cover’s national fundraising initiative. It’s the hassle-free way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle at no cost to you, while making a valuable tax-deductible donation to help prevent youth homelessness.


How Does it Work?

  1. Click the button below to complete a quick donation form
  2. We’ll contact you within 3 business days to confirm the details and arrange collection
  3. Remove the number plates the day before collection
  4. Our tow trucks will come collect your vehicle (you don’t have to be there) and take it to our auction partner Manheim for auction
  5. We’ll send you a tax deductible receipt within 12 weeks to thank you for your donation. Too easy!


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About Donate Your Car®

  • We accept cars, boats on trailers, caravans, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, buses and much more. Have a different vehicle? Contact us to find out if we can accept your donation.
  • We receive 100% of the sale proceeds from your vehicle, which will go to preventing youth homelessness.
  • You can nominate a family member, colleague etc. as the point of contact on your donation form.
  • If you think your vehicle is worth more than $5,000 you are eligible for a valuation by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), based on the current market value. Your tax deductible receipt will be based on the ATO valuation amount. READ MORE or give us a call for more information.


Do you want to know more about the vehicle collection, the auctions or the tax deductibility? Visit our FAQs below.


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Phone: (03) 9429 7444

Freecall: 1800 801 633


Special thanks to our partners;

Donate Your Car® Auction Partner: Manheim Auctions

Supporting Partners: Moreland City Council, Hume City CouncilBanyule City Council

Get support

We work with Community Service Organisations to identify young people or families who need our help. If you are in crisis, you’ll also find information here about how to get emergency assistance.

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Get involved

A little of your time can make a big difference to someone in need. Volunteers and community fundraisers are crucial to our work.

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Make a donation

You can help break the cycle of disadvantage and prevent youth homelessness. Your donation today will help carers provide young people at risk with a stable and secure environment and improve their connection to school, family and community.

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Know more about homelessness

There are a lot of misconceptions about homelessness and who it affects. One certainty is that prevention is better than cure.

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Donate Your Car® Frequently Asked Questions

We can definitely collect your vehicle if it is located within the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Hobart or Adelaide.
If your vehicle is located outside this area, more than one hour’s drive from the metropolitan area in either state, please call us on 1800 801 633, before you cancel your registration, to make sure we can collect the vehicle from your location.

**Unfortunately, our yard in Canberra is full so we are unable to accept most vehicles from ACT. Please email or call 03 9429 7444 if you would like to talk to to us about other ways your vehicle can help us in our work to prevent youth homelessness**

We have previously received cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, caravans, buses, tractors, Jet-skis and boats on trailers. If you have a different vehicle you would like to donate, please give us a call on 1800 801 633 or email to see if we can accept it.

If you are donating a long wheelbase van, truck, caravan, boat or other large vehicle, please email dimensions (height, width and length) and a photo to after filling in the donation form. This will help us determine what kind of tow truck is required for the collection.

Once we have received your donation form, we will contact you within 3 business days to organise the collection of your vehicle. We then need to give our transport companies at least 3 business days' notice. All up, this process takes about one week.

If you require an urgent collection (as a result of a council notice, because you are moving overseas or other,) please call us on 1800 801 633 so we can organise an earlier collection for you.

Yes – as long as it is parked in a location that is accessible for the towing service. For example, on the street, at the beginning of a driveway or similar. If the vehicle is parked down a narrow laneway/ driveway, in a garage or in other ways hard to access, we will ask if you can push it to a more accessible location or ask for a photo to assess if we can collect if from its current position.

My car is still registered:

Please remove your number plates before the collection day and hand them in to your local road authority to cancel the registration 1-2 business days after collection. ** If your vehicle is parked on a public road, we recommend removing the plates the night before or the morning of the collection so the council or police don’t think your vehicle has been abandoned. **

My registration has lapsed/ will lapse within the next two weeks:

You can leave your number plates on the car – we will then destroy them at our auction site.

Not at all. Kids Under Cover can only sell unregistered vehicles so it is not a problem if you have already cancelled the registration that’s no problem for us.

However, if your vehicle is parked on a public street you might consider letting your local council know that you are donating the car so they don’t think it’s been abandoned.

You can cancel the registration before or after your vehicle has been collected.

Please take the number plates to your local road authority to cancel the registration no later than two business days after collection.

The VIN can be found on the vehicle's registration label, on the build plaque in the engine bay or on the passenger side windshield and doorjamb. It also appears on registration and insurance documents.

The VIN is always 17 characters long (e.g. 6FPAAAJGWARM30751) and the letters "I", "O" and "Q" never appear in a VIN. If your vehicle was built prior to 1989, the VIN varies between 11 and 17 characters.

The engine number can be found on the side of the engine or on registration and insurance documents. It may also appear within the first few pages of your owner’s manual.

Most number plates are fastened with standard screws and can be loosened with a standard Philips head/ star shaped screwdriver.

Anti-theft screws are a bit harder to loosen, but can be removed with pliers. Short nosed pliers work best for grasping the outside of the screw.

No, there is no need to stay at home all day or take a day off work. You can discuss the collection and access details directly with the transport company when they call you to confirm the collection details and let them know how they can get access to the vehicle.

All our donated vehicles are sold by Manheim's experienced auctioneers at their public auctions. Please be aware that regardless of what you think or feel your car might be worth, the car is worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay for it at auction. This might be more than, equal to or less than you expect.

Your view of its value might be influenced by what you paid for it, what you think it might be worth at private sale, and even its sentimental value. A number of factors can influence what it does sell for; how many bidders are interested, how many similar cars are for sale that day, and whether buyers want a car to restore, for spare parts, or even scrap metal. All cars donated to Kids Under Cover are sold unregistered. Since the buyer will have to gain a roadworthy certificate, that buyer is likely to pay less than if the car was registered and roadworthy.

Although we can’t predict how much your car will sell for, 100% of the sale proceeds go towards building homes and providing scholarships for at-risk young people. We are so grateful for your support, which helps us in our mission to prevent youth homelessness.

All transport is organised by our partners at Manheim. They use a variety of transport companies to pick up cars from across the country, so we will not be able to give you their contact details. However, you will receive a courtesy call prior to the collection of your vehicle. This call may be the day before the collection, usually late afternoon/ early evening, or, at the latest, by 10am on the morning of the collection.

If you are unable to answer they will leave a voicemail or send you a text. Please call Kids Under Cover on 1800 801 633 if you have not received a courtesy call from the transport company by 10am on the morning of the collection so we can follow up for you.

To make the collection and donation process easy, you won’t receive any paperwork from the transport company when they arrive to collect your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been sold, we will send you a tax deductible receipt for the sale proceeds which have then been received by Kids Under Cover.

Please contact us on 1800 801 633 if you would like anything else in writing for insurance or other purposes.

Yes! All donors can receive a tax deductible receipt for the sale amount the vehicle is sold for at auction.

Under normal circumstances, you will receive your tax deductible receipt within 12 weeks of submitting your donation form. The date on your receipt will be the date Kids Under Cover received the proceeds from the donation of your vehicle.

Kids Under Cover uses fully licensed and insured towing services, organised by our experienced auction partner, Manheim. They will also mention to you that they are collecting your vehicle on behalf of Kids Under Cover.

To ensure that your vehicle has been towed to our auction site, you are welcome to contact Kids Under Cover on 1800 801 633.

The tax deductible receipt will be issued in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.

All cars valued by the ATO at more than $5,000 are eligible for a tax deduction based on the ATO valuation. Below is the process for having your vehicle valued by the ATO:
1. Fill in our online donation form.

2. We will call you to arrange the collection of the vehicle and store it at the nearest Manheim site until it has been valued by the ATO. The ATO aims to have most valuations completed within a month.

3. We will send you a Certificate of Donation and a Request for Valuation form along with a Car Appraisal form.

4. Please fill in these forms and send them back to Kids Under Cover along with the non-refundable ATO application fee of $241. In most cases there are no additional fees, however if you are donating a luxury, classic, or special interest vehicle, the ATO might charge a valuation fee. In this case the ATO will advise you in writing of the estimated charge for the valuation. Please note this fee is tax deductible.

5. We will sign and send these forms to the ATO on your behalf.

6. The ATO will value your vehicle and send you a Valuation Certificate.

7. Once you have received your Valuation Certificate, please send us a copy and we will send you a tax deductible receipt based on the ATO valuation amount.

If the ATO value your vehicle at less than $5000, you are not entitled to a tax deduction based on their valuation and they will not issue you a valuation certificate. For more information about the valuation process please call the Not For Profit department at the ATO on 1300 130 428 or click here for more info about tax deductible gifts on the ATO website.

Kids Under Cover cannot accept vehicles with finance owing. Please ensure your contract has been terminated prior to donating the vehicle.

Legally, we are not able to accept abandoned vehicles. If there is an abandoned car in your street, please call your local council.