A Donation of a Different Kind

Kirsten recently donated her Honda Jazz to Kids Under Cover’s Donate Your Car Program to help prevent youth homelessness.

Kirsten donated her Honda Jazz to the Donate Your Car program

Many of us can relate to Kirsten’s memories of her trusty “workhorse”, be it road trips and holidays, endless work commutes or squeezing in IKEA flatpacks.

Whilst the car leaves a great legacy for Kirsten, it’s true potential was in the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others.

“I thought it was a really good thing to be able to help the young people who benefit from Kids Under Cover, especially when there is an increased need due to the difficulties COVID-19 has bought for families.”

“Preventing youth homelessness is important because everyone deserves the basic rights of having stability in their life and a place to call home. When young people have a place to call home it lets them focus on other areas of their life and plan for their future,” Kirsten explains.

Kirsten encourages more people to donate their vehicle to the program.

“It was such an easy process. If you’re considering it, do it! You feel really good and are helping people out in the community”, says Kirsten.

Looking to get rid of a used car? Donate it to Donate Your Car! We will organise the collection and sell it at auction. All proceeds go to Kids Under Cover.

It’s easy, hassle free and 100% tax deductible! 

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