Parachuute Car-Pooling

Car Pooling Can Make a Difference

What is Parachuute?

Parachuute is a car-pooling app for parents to manage their kids’ transport needs. Parachuute has been designed and built in Melbourne.  It is:

  • SAFE: Parents decide who to include in their trusted network and help is provided by people known and trusted, not strangers
  • EASY: The app incorporates predictive forms; automated messaging and integration to Google Places and Google Maps
  • FAIR – Parents exchange points (in the form of a virtual currency) for favours.  They can offer or ask for help when it suits them thereby creating demand and supply in the network.


How does Parachuute address the transport challenges facing Melbourne?

~730k car trips occur per school day in Greater Melbourne transporting kids to/from school and other activities.  Car-pooling is currently low due to time/logistical barriers and social norms/psychological barriers.


Parachuute has been designed to address these barriers and make car-pooling for families easier, thus:

1) helping reduce traffic congestion, particularly around schools and across afternoon and mid-Saturday peak congestion times.

2) increasing social connections amongst families and local communities who benefit from higher participation/easier access to extra-curricular activities.


Parachuute rides are exchanged for points, which can be purchased through the app via Pin Payments, with one point costing $1; Parachuute suggests that five points are standard in exchange for one favor, with the app taking one point as a booking fee.

Members are also able to donate points to Kids Under Cover to support our Studio and Scholarship Programs.



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