Workplace Giving – The Smarter Way to Give

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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is an easy and effective way to help your employees make a difference and show them that they can personally contribute to prevent youth homelessness. With donations deducted from employees’ pre-tax pay, their donations go even further. Plus, it reduces your employees’ taxable income, so they benefit every pay. And, you can choose to match your employees’ donations dollar for dollar, so your company can have double the impact.

The advantage of a workplace giving program is that Kids Under Cover receives regular income and we will not have to issue individual receipts, saving time and money – which can be directed to delivering our programs to young people.  Kids Under Cover will incur little or no administration costs and 100% of donations go directly to Kids Under Cover.  Kids Under Cover is a deductible gift recipient (DGR) which means that donations to Kids Under Cover are gift deductible for taxation purposes.  Kids Under Cover also benefits by receiving your full pre-tax donations automatically.

Regular reporting on impact, presentations at employee events and recognition are integrated into our workplace giving program.

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Workplace givers know how easy it is to make a difference. The process is simple and together with colleagues, they are making a huge collective impact to ensure they are making a difference.

How Does My Contribution Make a Difference?

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Even modest regular contributions will make a huge difference over time:
$100 = Contribute to the cost of installing a smoke detector in a studio
$200= Two months educational scholarship
$350=10 night’s accommodation in a studio
$500= Contribute to the costs of windows for a studio
$1,500=Transport a studio to new family in need
$3,000= Contribute to safe & secure accommodation for a young person for 3 months



Leading CEOs Call on Businesses to Embrace Workplace Giving

Read why Richard Murray, Group CEO, JB Hi-Fi and Andrew Bassat, CEO and Co-Founder, SEEK – winners of 2016 WPG Excellence Awards – are encouraging their counterparts across Australia to embrace WPG.


Join The Movement for Social Change

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One Million Donors is a movement for social change. The mission is to see one million Australians giving pre-tax donations to charities through Workplace Giving by 2020. The One Million Donors campaign was launched by The Hon Malcolm Turnbull in 2014 and is overseen by the Australian Charities Fund, and we have been active advocates since then. Now in its third year, One Million Donors has broad support from leading employer, charity and philanthropy organisations. Watch the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull make his heartfelt call to working Australians to join this giving revolution, and discover why business leaders believe workplace giving matters.


Let Us Help You With Your Workplace Giving Program

Whether you’re setting up your Workplace Giving program for the first time or overhauling an existing one, the process can be uncomplicated and manageable. We have the knowledge and resources to help you along the way, so please contact us to find out how we can help.