April 26, 2023

Wheels of change

Behind every car, there’s a story.

A car often holds a special place in one’s heart. A reliable companion on the journey through life, enduring the bumps and scrapes and helping create cherished memories along the way.

So it seems like a lot to ask. To donate your car to help fund Kids Under Cover’s work preventing youth homelessness.  Yet since it began in 2006, our Donate Your Car program has been our most successful fundraising tool, raising millions of dollars to build studios and provide scholarships to help keep young people connected to their family, community and education.

Some donors are attracted to the fact that every dollar raised by the auction of their vehicle goes directly to our Studio and Scholarship programs. Others enjoy the convenience of having their car towed free of charge to the auction house to find a new home. Some enjoy the tax-deductible receipt. And many just enjoy the buzz of giving to a worthy cause when it comes time for their car to roll on.

People donate their cars for all sorts of reasons, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Here are just some of their stories…

“This was my Grandparents pride and joy. They drove from country Victoria many times to visit our family in Sydney in this car. They didn’t have a lot of money so when they bought this brand new, it was probably their biggest investment besides there home. They looked after it like it was worth a million dollars. Up to the day I brought it home… We’d like to donate the car firstly for the charity but also so hopefully someone else can get some use out of it. Fingers crossed.”

“I bought the car a few years ago and when I purchased a new car, I gave this car to my brother, Billy. He recently passed away, so I went back to driving it for the sake of his memory. My brother and I have always said that, when the time comes, we want to donate it to your organisation. I hope you can get something for it.”

“UEK (you-ik) is the best car!! He really got me through some tough times. I’ve owned UEK for over 16 years and I adore him. He really has served me well and I want to help other people who may be experiencing some tough times too. I lived in UEK for a bit while I finished uni. He was always there for me and helped me to get to work and uni and have somewhere to go. All the scratches and marks have a memory and it will be sad to say goodbye. But, if UEK can help a family or someone who needs a break in their life then it’s a win… It will be an emotional goodbye.”

“I had bought Catalina with money left to me by my Aunty Pauline. It wasn’t a huge sum but just enough for a small yacht – something I had always wanted. After some wonderful years together, Catalina eventually remained parked unattended in St Kilda.  So, the ideal solution: Donate Catalina to Kids Under Cover. This way I’d be passing on my good fortune to others in a way that my aunty would really appreciate.”

“This vehicle was owned by my grandmother and then until recently my late mother. It holds many memories of Nanny showing up with delicious home-made cakes and treats for her grandsons.”

“Uco” as he is known in the family, was the first car we owned. We got him just in time for the birth of our daughter who is now 11. He’s taken us all around town and on many a camping adventure. Our daughter is very sad to have to say goodbye to “Uco” who is the only car she’s known and loved, but we are all super pleased he’ll go on to serve people in such a meaningful way.

Donate your car!

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