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Kayla shares her story

“As someone from a big kinship care family, I know that it can be a real struggle to grow and discover yourself when you are constantly surrounded by so many others. It’s a strain for both carers and kids, and can sometimes lead to the breakdown of relationships.

When I was five, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my father was unable to care for me and my siblings; so we moved in with my grandparents and two cousins. When I was six, my mother passed away, making our new family permanent. During this time I moved four times.
Finally we settled in our current home, and after a few noisy, tearful years we were given a studio from Kids Under Cover. For the first time in a long time, we had some space and room to breathe. When I was twelve I was given the studio and was given the responsibilities and rights of a young adult. This helped me to learn and develop in ways that few young people in care ever have the chance to do.

After reflecting back on my life, and being helped by so many different caring and supportive people, I decided I wanted to work within the Community Services field, to help families like mine, to help the young people who fall through the cracks, and to help build and rebuild lives.

It’s a hard thing when everything you know is taken away from you, but with simple steps, and helping hands, those who are left behind can catch up.

It’s not about giving them the world, it’s about giving them a place. Whether that place is within their dreams and aspirations, or a space of their own, I know Kids Under Cover has helped me find mine.”

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