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Who are the young people we support?

Working in partnership with more than 60 Community Service Organisations (CSOs) to identify families with young people at risk of homelessness we offer young people the unique combination of safe and secure accommodation and scholarships to ease the financial costs associated with education or job training.

Not everyone has the fortune to be born into a stable family environment. Many of the young people we support are dealing with trauma and grief, family homes are often overcrowded and mental health issues can really affect relationships within the home.  A Kids Under Cover studio ensures families are able to remain connected, giving them additional room to live and provide young people with a safe and secure place to call home, giving them a real shot at a brighter future a future that does not include homelessness.

Enough space to stay

Mandy’s love for her children and grandchildren knows no bounds. She recently took on the full-time care of her three grandchildren, joining her and three

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A Donation of a Different Kind

Kirsten recently donated her Honda Jazz to Kids Under Cover’s Donate Your Car Program to help prevent youth homelessness.Many of us can relate to Kirsten’s

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Changing Lives

Thanks to your generosity, when a young person receives a Kids Under Cover studio, the entire family benefits. Caitlyn shares the life-changing difference she experienced

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How we help

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