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Making a Difference

Since the Kids Under Cover Studio Program officially began in 1993, we have been analysing our services and their results through interviews and questionnaires with young people and their families. In this way, we have developed a solid understanding of the changes our clients have experienced through their involvement in our work.

Supported by EY (formerly Ernst & Young), a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of the Kids Under Cover programs was undertaken during 2015/16 to determine the socioeconomic returns for all stakeholders affected by the issues of youth homelessness and overcrowding.

Returns over a six-year period from 2010-2016 were considered.

The evidence provided by the SROI analysis has shown:

  • For every dollar invested in Kids Under Cover over the past six years, $4.17 of social value is returned.
  • Over six years the Kids Under Cover model generated $63.129 million of social value.
  • The social value returned to the Government and to CSOs was more than $6 million across six years.
  • The criminal justice system, health system, and specialist homeless services have benefited from Kids Under Cover’s early intervention, resulting in sizable savings.
  • The homeless service system, providing emergency or short-term accommodation, accrues the majority of these savings, relieving pressure that would otherwise have cost $4 million over the last six years.


Kids Under Cover Studio Program Evaluation

To properly understand the impact of our early intervention and prevention model each year we undertake an evaluation of the Studio Program.

For the past three years, we have worked closely with research company, DBM Consultants,  to interview carers of young people who were residing in a studio.

Eight interviewers spoke with 120 carers, conducting a 10-minute survey across a five-day period. This number represents 25% of our client base giving us a solid understanding of the impact our Studio and Scholarship Programs are having on the young people we support.

These interviews have also provided us with a greater understanding of the benefits delivered for carers of the young people and the positive changes experienced in family life since the installation of the studio.

The research showed a strong impact on the well-being of the young person and family after the studio was installed, particularly regarding reduced crowding in the house, increased ability to get along and improvements in the young person’s achievements at school.

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The cost of homelessness

Most studies indicate homelessness is more expensive to society than the costs of solving the issue. Between shelters, emergency rooms and jails, it is estimated to cost society between $30,000 – $500,000 each year for a homeless person.

The impact of homelessness on society, government and individuals includes the cost of legal services, substance abuse, housing, family violence and mental health services, as well as social costs that stem from social isolation, family breakdown and disengagement from education and employment.

This is why it’s so important to continue to invest in prevention and early intervention initiatives, such as Kids Under Cover’s studio and scholarship programs. We couple this with ongoing support to help young people maintain or re-engage with education and employment. Evidence shows targeted early intervention strategies are crucial to preventing young people from falling into homelessness. It’s this belief that has driven Kids Under Cover since 1989.

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