Our Studio Program

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Space to Thrive

Each studio provides a stable space for a young person to grow and study while keeping them connected to their family and reducing the risk of them being forced to leave home prematurely.

We build one or two bedroom studios (with bathroom) in the backyards of homes to assist carers in need more room to accommodate young people in their care.

Studios provide safe and secure accommodation, gives additional room for the family and, coupled with a scholarship, young people are given the skills to become independent adults.

Once the studio is no longer required, it is relocated to accommodate another young person in need.

Studios are prefabricated, with its entire kit flat-packed with pre-assembled frames and transported via truck to the installation location. Erected and fully fitted within 10 days, they are demountable and able to be flat-packed for relocation up to four times.

To ensure studios stay in top condition we monitor our studios in a formal audit process. The audit data collected also allows us to improve our budgeting and scheduling of studio maintenance, ensuring maximum longevity of the asset.


There is no cost to the applicant or family. Kids Under Cover fund the build and installation of the studio through generous donations from individuals, trusts & foundations, and government support.


Kids Under Cover audit studios and pay for maintenance as a result of normal wear and tear. Any maintenance that is a result of wilful damage by the occupant or other individuals must be paid for by the family.

How to Apply for a Studio

Providing Stable and Secure Accommodation for Young People A Kids Under Cover studio The Studio Program is at the core of our work in preventing youth homelessness.

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Studio frequently asked questions

Applying for a studio may seem like a daunting task.  Check out the most frequently asked questions we receive below for more information to help

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Community Service Organisations

Kids Under Cover works with more than 50 Community Service Organisations (CSOs)  in Australia. These organisations may already be working with families and young people

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Impact & Community Benefit

Making a Difference Since the Kids Under Cover Studio Program officially began in 1993, we have been analysing our services and their results through interviews and

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Evolution of our studio

Evolution of the Kids Under Cover studio design and build Over the years, as new building materials become available, standards updated and we learn more about

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Scholarship Programs

Kids Under Cover Scholarship Program Click here if you are interested in applying for one of our scholarship programs Education is one of the most important investments

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Corporate volunteer builders

Corporate Build Program

Are you a business that wants to make a difference? Build your team while building a better future for young people at risk of homelessness For partners

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Building Strong Foundations. Literally.

Harris HMC is a Melbourne construction company that has partnered with Kids Under Cover to install our studios. Travis Lambe, General Manager of Harris HMC

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Studios make a significant difference

The difference a Kids Under Cover studio makes to the lives of young people and their carers can be life changing

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