Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship

Applications are open now for the 2023 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship

The Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship is a scholarship up to $5,000 to help a young person pursue their exceptional personal, educational and career goals.

How do I apply?

Applications for the 2023 academic year are open now. Complete the attached form then email it to

You can read our essay hints and tips to help your application.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for the Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship if you:

  • are 16-25 years old
  • live in a Kids Under Cover Studio or in the main house where there is a studio located.
  • can describe exceptional personal, educational or career aspirations
  • are enrolled in Year 12, or a post-secondary level educational or training course in 2023, e.g., Apprenticeship, Bachelor, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Postgraduate studies

Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed according to the following selection criteria areas:

  • ASPIRATION & DRIVE: The scholarship recipient should have educational, employment and/or personal aspirations. They should also be able to identify the way they could reach their goals, and have the determination to do so.
  • ABILITY TO ACHIEVE: The scholarship recipient should be able to achieve their education, employment, and personal goals.
  • SHOW HOW KIDS UNDER COVER HAS ASSISTED YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: The scholarship recipient must be able to identify the benefits the Kids Under Cover studio and scholarship/s have provided for them and their household.

How can I use the scholarship?

This scholarship is to help you pursue your exceptional personal, educational and career goals. For example:

  • Specialist tools/equipment for study
  • Out of State or Australia camp, placement, volunteering, work or learning experience
  • Accommodation/travel costs during course related placements
  • Short life skills courses (i.e. first aid training, public speaking, ticketed meetings)
  • Creative and sporting pursuits (i.e. music or art lessons, or specialist sport coaching / nutritionists)
  • International or domestic conference, study excursion, work experience or volunteer placements
  • Career or personal counselling
  • Driving lessons
  • Advanced tutoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you live in the main house where a Kids Under Cover Studio is located.

Yes. However, you are required to be a Kids Under Cover studio recipient to be eligible for the scholarship. If you are not directly a studio recipient but a member of the household, you are still eligible for the scholarship.

No. The scholarship is a one-off and cannot be awarded to the same person more than once.

Yes, as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria, you can submit an application for the Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship each year.

Only young people who are currently living in a Kids Under Cover Studio, or young people who are currently living in the main house where the studio is located, are able to apply. However, exceptions may be made if the young person is residing elsewhere temporarily as a direct result of their study / training course (i.e. living in student accommodation).

Yes, you are still eligible for a Kids Under Cover Scholarship the year after receiving the Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship.

2020 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship Recipient

The 2020 Ken and Lenka Morgan Scholarship recipient Jesse used his funds to participate in an international medical program as part of his degree.