How we help

How we help

When it comes to youth homelessness we believe prevention is better than cure. The heart of our work, our Studio Program, provides accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness.  Our studios ensure families are able to remain connected, giving them additional room to live and provide young people with a safe and secure environment.

Combined with the provision of scholarships to ensure young people remain connected to education or job training our early intervention model is simple, unique & effective.


“Homelessness is not just about a roof overhead, it’s about having a stable and secure place to call home. It’s about having a solid foundation upon which young people are afforded the support, the security and the care they need to explore their potential and become happy, healthy and productive members of the community” Jo Swift, CEO

What is homelessness?

It’s a grave misconception young people become homeless by choice. The reality is vastly different. The issues that lead someone to become homeless are complex and varied. For at‑risk young people, their lives have become emotionally and often, physically unbearable. Their home life may be burdened by the disadvantages of poverty, neglect, abuse, unemployment, substance abuse, health complications, disability and mental illness.

This cycle of events cause some young people to feel there is no other option, but to leave. They are not ready, have nowhere to go and may become isolated from mainstream society, and can often experience depression, poor nutrition, substance abuse and mental health problems. Without the right support, many will struggle with homelessness their entire lives.

Early intervention interrupts the cycle and maintains a young person’s connection to home and their support networks.

What are the benefits of early intervention?

For the individual, by acting early to identify and address the issues which lead to homelessness, we can mitigate the detrimental effect of the problem and offer the support required to bring positive change to the lives of young people.

For the wider community, this approach reduces the cost to society that invariably results from entering the cycle of homelessness. Costs in mental and physical healthcare, justice system and other specialist homelessness and support services are reduced. Additional flow on economic benefits are reduced dependence on welfare and waitlists for state housing, increased employment prospects, civic participation, and social integration.

What makes Kids Under Cover unique from other organisations tackling the problem of youth homelessness?

We are the only organisation in Australia offering young people the combination of housing with scholarships for education to keep them engaged with the community. This has proven to be a simple yet effective approach to the long-term prevention of youth homelessness.


More about how we help

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Our studios support young people at risk of homelessness, families at risk of breakdown, kinship care & foster carers in desperate need of additional space.

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The difference a Kids Under Cover studio makes to the lives of young people, their siblings and their carers can be life changing.

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The Kids Under Cover Scholarship Program helps young people who have the passion and motivation to continue education but don't have the resources.

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Applying for a studio

Young people & their families can't apply directly for studios. You will need to contact a CSO who will apply on your behalf.

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