BLOCKheads Kerrie & Spence Deliver Winning Studio

The Block Delivers a Winning Studio for 16-Year-Old Girl

BLOCKheads Kerrie & Spence have delivered a beautiful studio for an at-risk young girl in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.

The winning studio from The Block by Kerrie & Spence has made a significant difference to the life of a 17-year-old girl who before the studio was sleeping in the lounge room of her aunt & uncles small three-bedroom house. This young girl loves playing netball was thrilled to receive the signed netball by Bianca & Carla when she got her studio.

Being in the care of her aunt and uncle for the past 12 months was proving difficult, not only for the young person but the whole family. Longing for a place to feel safe and belong, she had been sleeping in the lounge room, which was not ideal for anyone, and long-term can have a negative effect on a young person’s mental health, not to mention the lack of privacy and disrupted sleep.


With no real space of her own, this young person was feeling like a burden on her aunt’s family and was starting to feel the effects of chronic lack of sleep caused by the dysfunctional living arrangements. Disengaging from school and with feelings of not belonging, this young girl was beginning to think it would be better for everyone if she just left, with nowhere to go.

The small house was already home to her two younger male cousins, aunt and uncle, and her arrival, while welcomed by the family, placed additional pressures on everyone.

Overcrowding creates a lack of space and privacy. Young people living in severely overcrowded homes often have no space to study, no privacy or stability. Overcrowding is a major contributor to youth homelessness. Many young people are forced out of home prematurely because of an overcrowded living situation, often leading to couch-surfing which can trigger the beginning of years of homelessness.

Space creates a sense of stability, belonging and security. The value of having your own space to grow and develop, heal and believe in a brighter future can never be underestimated.


This studio was one of four Block studios generously funded by Gandel Philanthropy, thank you.

Big thanks also to Grove Group for delivering these studios to the young people.