TAXIBOX Shines a Light on Youth Homelessness

TAXIBOX Spaces Supporting Kids Under Cover

TAXIBOX shines a light on youth homelessness

TAXIBOX often partner with a lot of charities, running campaigns at various times throughout the year to raise funds for a variety of causes. Earlier this year we approached TAXIBOX to seek their support.  We were delighted to hear from them recently to confirm they would be only too happy to support our work in the lead-up to Christmas.

Christmas is a very busy time of year for TAXIBOX (and everyone else), and it’s so easy to forget that there are many people for whom Christmas is not such a joyous season.

Often when people move house or put items into storage they also have an unwanted vehicle. TAXIBOX wanted to support our Donate Your Car® program by promoting it to their customers during December, raising awareness of our work and harness support at the same time.

Kids Under Cover and TAXIBOX have many things in common, one being providing temporary space for people.

Something we tend to take for granted is having a safe space in which to come home to. A space where you can escape from the troubles of life and the challenges you’ve faced throughout the day. At TAXIBOX they realise that having a space filled to the brim with stuff is not always ideal. That’s why they provide temporary or long-term space to their customers.

Kids Under Cover also realise the importance of space, our focus is on providing a stable & secure space for young people at risk of homelessness. A place where they can escape the difficulties of life which also facilitates semi-independent living where the young person can study and a space to call their own. We do this through our Studio Program which provides accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness.