Block Studio Provides Light for Whole Family

A Family in Need of Space to Heal Overjoyed by Generosity of BLOCKheads



What 15-year-old girl who’s into ballet and LOVES blue, green & pink wouldn’t love this studio? Courtney & Hans made this young girl’s day by thoughtfully including a beautiful pair of ballet slippers for the wall from local dance supply boutique.

Four young people aged 5, 7, 11 and 15 living in a three-bedroom home with their mum. Crowded, chaotic and bursting at the seams. Throw in some harrowing circumstances and life in this small home was anything but harmonious.

For this family transitional housing was a far better future than the one they had escaped from.

Fleeing from family violence, entering the homelessness system this family have been through an incredible amount of trauma and uncertainty. This overcrowded home was the only option available for them.


Spending the previous four years moving from house to house with little notice had everyone living on edge and gave the children no sense of belonging or stability.

So, when they were told that there were no larger property’s available they decided stability was a much better option than spending another four years on the public housing waiting list.

The lack of space in such a tiny house for growing children became a significant issue. Their lives had been characterised by instability and witnessing violence and having no space to retreat to and little privacy did not contribute to an environment conducive to recovery from trauma.

The young person who received the studio fitted out so beautifully by Courtney and Hans had previously been sleeping in the smallest room in the house while her three younger siblings shared a room, leading to a great deal of distress, tension, and conflict. She had no room for her belongings or anything ‘nice’.

This young lady had been forced to grow up much faster than most other teenagers having been witness to violent incidences and experiences no one should ever have to see. And, she has been faced with greater responsibilities than many other teenagers would dream of.

A dedicated student with dreams of a brighter future this young person was accepted into an accelerated learning program at school and is undertaking VCE units as part of her 2018 Year 10 studies. Given her past circumstances, an achievement her mother is very proud of.

The additional space of the Kids Under Cover studio has given her space to study, privacy and the ability to socialise with friends without her siblings getting in the way. The studio has also meant her younger brother who is embarking on adolescence has now been given his own room, away from his two younger sisters.

For this fragile family, the Kids Under Cover studio has given them space to breathe and space to heal together whilst remaining connected to a community they have become a part of. Something they had not experienced in the past.

Not everyone has the fortune to be born into a stable family environment, many of the young people supported by Kids Under Cover are dealing with a great deal of trauma and grief often carried on from their parents.

 And their carers, be it mothers and fathers, uncles or aunts, grandparents or foster parents will do anything to ensure they are given the best chance at a bright future. A future that does not include homelessness. That begins with the provision of stable and secure accommodation.


This studio was one of four Block studios generously funded by Gandel Philanthropy, thank you.

Big thanks also to Grove Group for delivering these studios to the young people.