The Block Studio Challenge Reunites a Family

How BLOCKheads Norm & Jess Reunited a Family


Norm & Jess packed a punch with their zombie inspired studio space complete with LED lighting and brand new PS4 for a young man in desperate need of his own space to develop and grow in, with privacy to heal from past traumas.

Prior to the studio being delivered, the family of four were living in a tiny three-bedroom home. At different times taking it, in turn, to sleep in a re-purposed lounge room. The makeshift bedroom provided no privacy or stability for the young person, who was dealing with the effects of multiple traumas experienced in his short life. Often engaging in risk-taking behaviour, the young person’s social and emotional responses to the overcrowding lead to violent outbursts eventuating in stints away from the family home in the care of the State.


Once a young person enters out-of-home care the risk of eventual homelessness is increased, disengagement from family and friends, community and education high. Where possible the preferred option is to keep a young person connected to family.

Moving back to the family home was not an option unless he could be accommodated with his own room. To reunite the young person with his family the additional space of a Kids Under Cover studio was required.

The Kids Under Cover studio generously fitted out by Jess and Norm has enabled this young man to return to the family home, providing the family with an enormous amount of relief. Without the additional space created within the family home by the provision of this studio the young person’s future certainly looked bleak.


Homelessness is a dangerous, confronting and lonely place to be. Young people don’t choose to be homeless. They often feel like they don’t have a choice.

Many see their future starting to crumble. They feel trapped, completely out of options, and they start leaving home, spending nights couch surfing or worse, they find themselves sleeping rough.

Since the installation of Jess and Norm’s studio this young man has been able to re-engage with education now having a dedicated space to study and develop some independent living skills, whilst working on improving his mental health.


This studio was one of four Block studios generously funded by Gandel Philanthropy, thank you.

Big thanks also to Grove Group for delivering these studios to the young people.