September 23, 2021

Space to Shine

When Sue and her partner Ian took on the care of Sue’s five grandchildren, the overcrowding created a stressful environment that was tearing their family apart. Everything changed when they received a 2-bedroom Kids Under Cover studio. Sue shares her story below.

Having my five grandkids living with us was hectic. Ian and I were sleeping in one room, my daughter (the kids’ aunt) was in the second bedroom and my baby granddaughter was in the third bedroom. For two years, the four boys were sleeping in the loungeroom on blow up mattresses. It was so hard to get them to sleep, and no one could use the living room to watch TV or relax. There was no privacy. It was a struggle – it was horrible.

When I first heard about Kids Under Cover, I didn’t get my hopes up that they would be able to help. But when the team came around and started mapping out the studio in the backyard I was like ‘wow this is actually happening!’ The kids were so excited when it was being built and kept asking when they could move in!

My two eldest grandkids are now in the studio. It has had a huge impact for us. We’ve changed sleeping arrangements so all the kids have a room, there’s no more sleeping in the loungeroom! There’s heaps of privacy for everyone and the kids have room to study.

Brandon had been in the studio the longest. His schooling has picked up and his sleeping has improved. I can see changes in how he is in himself – he’s back out there and loving life again. Before the studio he was becoming withdrawn from being stuck in a really stressful environment.

But look at him now. He’s a smiling happy boy now. He’s in year 11 now and I want him to do the best he can. The studio has been a godsend.