Pharmore Pharmacies

Staff members at a leading Melbourne pharmacy group proved many hands do indeed make light work when they installed and painted a brand new Kids Under Cover studio in just nine days.

The studio was built on the grounds of a family home in Langwarrin, with Pharmore CEO Pauline Rawling handing over the keys to the family at an informal ceremony. Such a proud moment was the culmination of a successful year-long campaign to raise the funds needed to build the studio.

By engaging key suppliers, staff and customers, and contributing 50 cents for every Pharmore-branded product that was purchased, the campaign raised nearly $60,000.

“Being involved in the construction, installation and painting of the studio provided something tangible. It showed staff the value of our fundraising and how it benefits young people in our community,” said Ms Rawling.

Ms Rawling said Pharmore Pharmacies share our commitment to providing young people with a nurturing home environment and an education. Many of their pharmacists and retail assistants see the financial hardship experienced by customers every day and know there’s a great need for more studios in our community.

“Given that Melbourne ranks highly as one of the most livable cities in the world, it is difficult to accept that so many young people are homeless in this city every night,” she said.

After visiting a studio, Ms Rawling was ‘incredibly moved and inspired’ by the complex daily challenges the family faced as a result of serious health issues. These challenges had compromised their eldest child’s ability to complete his homework and succeed at school.

Since receiving the studio, the young person improved his application to schoolwork and now enjoys school.

The whole family experienced a great improvement in their emotional and mental health. Ms Rawling said it was humbling to see the dedication and strength of this family and the impact provided by Kids Under Cover on their situation.

“Our customers have been extremely willing to contribute financially and have expressed their admiration for Kids Under Cover’s efforts to prevent youth homelessness,” said Ms Rawling.

Pharmore’s campaign let the public know that they are socially responsible and interested in the same issues as its customers.