Annual Carer Feedback Survey

Studio Program Evaluation: Seeking Carers’ feedback to ensure we’re meeting the needs of families

Our most recent impact survey was conducted by research consultancy, RFI Global who asked 144 carers to share their experiences with the young person in their care before and after receiving a Kids Under Cover studio or scholarship.

The survey helps to measure the impact of our studios through first-hand accounts of shifts in behaviour, frequency of conflict and the general well-being of young people, among other measures.

Here are some of the results of the survey:

  • Frequent risk-taking behaviours such as drug and alcohol use, risky online activity and illegal or dangerous activities decreased from 36% to 5%
  • Level of overcrowding in the house decreased from 88% to 24%
  • Conflict between family members decreased from 81% down to 16%
  • Families who reported getting along well increased from 29% to 96%.
  • Incidence of time spent away from home without carer knowing whereabouts decreased 51% to 9%
  • Young people who demonstrate a low level of independent living skills decreased from 62% to 5%.
  • Incidence of young person feeling happy increased from 24% to 83%
  • Carers’ optimism about the young person’s future increased from 29% to 73%
  • Young person almost always meeting school attendance requirements increased from 39% from 64%
  • Performance at school, TAFE or university improved from 55% performing well to 89%

Since receiving a scholarship:

  • 59% of carers report that the young person has improved attendance rate at school
  • 67% report their academic achievement has improved
  • 89% of young people plan on finishing their studies (up from 48%)
  • 80% of carers report a better ability to purchase necessary school resources