Welcome Shaynna and Sabina

We are thrilled to have both Shaynna Blaze and Sabina Read as Kids Under Cover Ambassadors. Both women share our commitment to preventing youth homelessness and bring their own unique insight to the role.

Shaynna Blaze is a renowned Interior Designer and TV presenter on Selling Houses Australia and The Block. She features in our 30th Anniversary Portrait Photo Exhibition representing Kids Under Cover Ambassadors. Shaynna has a passion for the home environment and the significance of family bonds in the life of young people.

“Family is everything and kids should always feel connected to family. Kids Under Cover allows families to bond and stay strong rather than being ripped apart in circumstances that are mostly out of their control,” Shaynna explains.

Shaynna has shown her compassion for our cause through involvement with Kids Under Cover prior to her new role as Ambassador. She was a Judge of the 2018 Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge® and associated with The Block Kids Under Cover Studio Challenge. She is a wonderful advocate of our work and helps to shine a spotlight on the issue of youth homelessness.

Psychologist Sabina Read has also recently been welcomed as a Kids Under Cover Ambassador. With her passion for understanding the human experience and childhood development, she is certainly an asset to our organisation. She is the Psychologist and Social Commentator on various broadcast programs. Her expertise and comments are regularly sought in lifestyle, business and women’s media nationally.

Sabina is an advocate for the importance of the home environment in the outcomes of young people. She champions the difference that space can make for family communication and relationships as well as its impact on young people’s independence, meaning and identity. Sabina brings together her wealth of experience, inherent compassion and engaging personality to be a wonderful supporter of Kids Under Cover.