Stories for Homelessness Week 2019

Homelessness Week is an annual week to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face, and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions. It is a time to bring the issue of homelessness into the spotlight and, onto the agenda of local, state and national governments.

In 2019, Homelessness Week will be held between the 4-10 August with the theme ‘Housing ends homelessness’. This theme closely aligns with our commitment to prevention and early intervention, which we implement through our studio and scholarship programs. During Homelessness Week we are sharing stories of people who have been supported by Kids Under Cover Studio and Scholarship programs.

Stories for Homelessness Week 

Liz’s Story 

Liz and Barry had a lot of love to give, but not a lot of space. So, in 1993, the family received one of the very first Kids Under Cover Studio’s.

Sandi’s Story

Sandi was 10 when her parents welcomed their fifth child, a daughter who was born with Cerebral Palsy and chronic lung disease.

Maureen’s Story

Maureen is a woman with a big heart and a passion for looking after disadvantaged young people through fostering. So, when she was asked to look after three sisters, she couldn’t say no to keeping the family together.

Sandra and Neville’s Story

“It’s simple, without the studio we wouldn’t have been able to care for the young people. It has been a really important part of our lives and theirs,” says Sandra.

Sarah’s Story

The last three years have been an incredible journey for the recipient of the 2016 Ken and Lenka Morgan Scholarship. Studying Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability) full-time at Deakin University, and recently graduating with Distinction!

Nicole and Grace’s Story

Nicole and Rohan bought their small two-bedroom cottage for themselves and their daughter to live in. They thought it was a great financial decision but they didn’t realise what the future would hold.

Trang’s Story 

When I was 11 years old, I was living with my father and step-mother and sharing a bedroom with my two sisters and grandmother. I was placed in foster care due to repeated physical and sexual abuse. I moved from foster home to foster home, eventually becoming a ward of the state.