Rollercoaster Journey

The road leading to a Kids Under Cover studio is always unique and often tumultuous. This was certainly the case for single mother of three, Maria.

Maria and Christoper in his new studio
Maria’s son Christopher has autism, a severe speech impediment and an intellectual disability. In 2017 he was tragically diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Christopher’s health needs became priority and Maria was no longer able to work. This took its toll financially and the family had to downsize to a small three-bedroom rental property.
The overcrowding and Christopher’s behaviour made the whole family constantly anxious.
“During his cancer treatment, Christopher became increasingly aggressive. It was usually directed at me. I had nowhere to escape in our overcrowded home,” Maria tells us.
This lead to the family receiving a Kids Under Cover studio through community service organisation healthAbility. Maria says the studio has changed the whole dynamics of the home. Christopher has his own space and the whole family feels like they can relax at home.
“Before we got the studio, when Christopher had an aggressive meltdown we would have to vacate the house. Now when he has a meltdown he can calm down in his room. On top of that, he has learnt to be much more independent,” Maria explains.
“Having the studio has been refreshing and less stressful. We don’t have to be walking on eggshells anymore. It has been life-changing for us and I am so grateful. Christopher is doing so well, and he is now in remission.”
If they didn’t receive the studio, Maria believes she would have had to place Christopher in full time care, breaking up their family.
“To everyone who helped to make our studio a reality, thank you for your generosity. It is such a great cause,” says Maria.