Reflections from Larapinta

Stephen Nash – February 2023

Having had the privilege of working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over the years, I’ve been able to gain some understanding of the significance of ‘place’ and the spiritual nature of connection to country.

There are only a few places on earth where I’ve felt something close to that connection. Where time seems to evaporate and there’s a feeling of being somehow within reach of the traces of an ancient world.

The Larapinta Trail, just outside Alice Springs in the Northern Territory outback was one of those places.

Last September, our group of 20 set off on a five-day guided trek with the aim of raising funds to build studios for young people facing the prospect of homelessness.

When we left, I knew none of my fellow hikers. By the time we collapsed in awe and exhaustion at the end of our trail, I had made a new group of lifelong friends.


“I can promise it will be an experience you will remember forever.”

The trek itself was wonderful. Sometimes gruelling. Indescribable. But to share the time out there with a group driven by the idea of improving the lives of young people made it extra special.

The trekkers on the Hike for Youth Homelessness raised an incredible $101,000 which will go directly to providing a Kids Under Cover studio for a young person in need. The money will help give them the sanctuary they need while keeping them connected to family, education and their community.

Right now, there’s an opportunity for you to be part of the next Hike for Youth Homelessness. This time, through the enchanting wilderness surrounding Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain. The five-day guided trek will take place in October and take you into a landscape of glacially carved valleys, ancient rainforests, fragrant eucalypt forests, and beautiful alpine meadows.

I can promise it will be an experience you will remember forever.

I suggest you register your interest early as places will go fast. Not only to help raise funds to build more life-changing studios for young people in need but also to challenge yourself. To re-connect with our wonderful country and allow time to stand still.

Get all the information and sign up on our website: Hike for Youth Homelessness 2023