Life-changing impact


Every year, the impact of Kids Under Cover’s work is measured by independent researchers, DBM Consultants. These annual program evaluations help to gauge exactly how the lives of families have been improved by the addition of a studio at home and by receiving a scholarship.

This year, 164 families were interviewed and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

The data we receive and the feedback we hear from carers confirms that our support continues to make a life-changing difference for young people and their families.

Here are some of the results:





“He has a more positive outlook on life with his own independence. Family dynamics are more positive towards each other. The studio has been a blessing for all of us.”
“They feel like they have more control over their own lives.”
“It’s really helped him assess what is available to him. It’s given him room and time to breathe and to carefully make decisions about his life and future. And he’s learnt skills to help him be independent.”