Homelessness Week 2020

This week marks Homelessness Week 2020. The week raises awareness of the homelessness crisis in Australia and the actions needed to end homelessness.

The theme this year is ‘Everybody Needs a Home’. This theme aligns with our commitment to providing stable and secure homes for at-risk young people through our Studio Program. At Kids Under Cover we know prevention is the cure in fighting homelessness. Without a stable place to call home, it can be almost impossible for at-risk young people to remain engaged in school, maintain relationships stay connected to their community.

There are almost 120,000 Australians without a home every night. This number has only been growing in recent years due to skyrocketing rents and a shortage of social housing. The COVID-19 crisis has increased pressure on millions of Australians and is pushing even more people into rent stress and homelessness.

There has never been a better time to invest in social housing. Building 30,000 social housing properties over four years will deliver urgently needed homes, and also create up to 18,000 jobs per year in local communities. Investing in social housing and homelessness prevention is an investment, not a cost.

This Homelessness Week we encourage you to support the Everybody’s Home campaign.  Sign the pledge to build more social housing today.

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