October 27, 2020

Nana’s car leaves a lasting legacy

Fiona has a special connection to the car she donated and wanted to make sure she honored her Nana when she parted with it.

She recently shared this story with us.

I have struggled in deciding to get rid of this car, because my grandmother gave it to me, crochet blanket and scrapes down the sides included. She couldn’t see properly anymore, but also didn’t want to give it up, because it meant freedom. Nana was a Women’s Auxiliary truck driver and mechanic during WWII and it was recently her 98th birthday.

My Dad had mentioned that there was a charity which sold used cars to raise funds for people experiencing homeless, and he thought that Nana would be ok with me doing that with the car. I wasn’t particularly worried about any reaction, it was just that I felt the car was a connection I didn’t want to let go of, so it was important to me that it went towards something useful, to transform that connection for someone else. I didn’t specifically look for Kids Under Cover, but it was the first result, and then when I called you were great, so I didn’t look anywhere else. It was so straightforward to deal with you once I’d made the final decision. I don’t need to keep the car to remember my Nana, so whatever happens, I hope the proceeds from its sale help someone else who needs it more.

Helping people experiencing homelessness in whatever way we can is a no brainer and it’s ridiculous that social housing got NOTHING in this year’s budget. It’s more expensive “supporting” people experiencing homelessness than to prevent it from happening in the first place!

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