March 21, 2022

Impact Survey Results 2021

Media Release

Every year, the impact of Kids Under Cover’s work for families is measured by independent researchers, DBM Consultants.

These annual program evaluations help to demonstrate exactly how the lives of families and young people have been improved by the addition of a studio at home or by receiving an education scholarship. Here’s what a few of the 156 studio recipients interviewed had to say about the program:

“He is a lot calmer, more confident and at peace with others. He gets along, mingles more and his socialising has improved.”

It has given him independence, improves his mental health and given him more incentive to do well with school. he wants to go to Uni next year.”

It’s made a huge difference. Family bonds are stronger. His work life, his studies and his outlook on life has been a lot more positive.”

“It’s enabling him to live his best life and have freedom. Keeping himself away is actually keeping him closer. Before, he wouldn’t be here at all.

“Very positive all round, the impact has been great, he’s grown from a young boy to a young man in there.”

“It’s provided more contentment in life. A more peaceful home and a general happiness! It’s help their motivation and direction.”

The positive stories we hear confirm that the support you provide continues to make a life-changing difference for young people and their families. It’s clear from the data that the relief a studio offers is significant and the extra space improves things for young people in a number of ways.