March 21, 2022

CEO Message – Autumn 2022

Media Release

In November 2021, Kids Under Cover welcomed Stephen Nash as its new CEO.

Stephen has dedicated most of his professional life to campaigning against disadvantage and advocating for fairness and opportunity within our community. Let’s meet him!

When I was very young, I witnessed a number of my friends suffer very traumatic experiences. Some were removed from their families and placed into what I later learnt to be the Out of Home Care system. I saw how their aspirations and opportunities faded and how, for some, life was on a fast track to prison. It affected me deeply. And fuelled a motivation to help young people at risk.

My work in the community sector started in 1989 when I was a student on placement being inspired by the Burdekin Inquiry into Youth Homelessness – at the same time Kids Under Cover was being formed. Over the years and across various roles I’ve seen first-hand the damage homelessness can cause and have worked with many passionate people to help find solutions for society’s most vulnerable. My work has always sought to find new ways to build hope for people whose needs are not being addressed.

I was attracted to Kids Under Cover because it is successfully focused exactly where more attention and support is needed – prevention and early intervention.

This focus saves lives and helps avoid the damaging impact of homelessness. The goal is simple – to provide opportunities for young people to allow them to flourish and realise their dreams and full potential.

During my handover with former Kids Under Cover CEO, Jo Swift, I learned so much about her effective approaches. I hope to add to her legacy by bringing experience in developing and delivering a range of housing and support models to meet specific needs for those missing out and those most vulnerable.

Following the uncertainty associated with COVID lockdowns it is time for Kids Under Cover to clarify our goals and priorities for the next three years. I am very lucky to start here during the current strategic planning process and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

We have a number of exciting prospects on the horizon and have every confidence in our ability to continue giving many more young people the chances and choices they all deserve.

Warm regards,

Stephen Nash
Chief Executive Officer