Maureen’s Story

Maureen is a woman with a big heart and a passion for looking after disadvantaged young people through fostering. So, when she was asked to look after three sisters, she couldn’t say no to keeping the family together and under her nurturing care.

However, having three teenage siblings living closely under the same roof, meant a lot of bickering due to the lack of space and privacy. This meant the family home wasn’t very pleasant for anyone and it was clear to Maureen that they needed more space. This led her to apply for one of the first Kids Under Cover Bungalow’s (now known as a studio).

Receiving a bungalow was a breath of fresh air for the whole family.

“The bungalow improved the relationships between the girls and made the household much more peaceful as they finally had their own space,” Maureen recalls.

Having the comfortable space of the studio allowed all three girls to study hard and complete their VCE, one going onto TAFE and another to university.

Maureen is really close with the girls to this day and considers their four children her grandchildren. This is a testament to her commitment to creating a brighter future for these young people and the role the bungalow had in achieving this.

“They have all done really well for themselves and are really good citizens. Now they are 32, 34 and 36,” Maureen proudly tells us.

She says that the bungalow was a great complement to the care they were able to provide the girls and says she has continued fostering young people.

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