Youth Homelessness: Get the facts


It’s a grave misconception that young people become homeless by choice, and that youth homelessness is not an issue in Australia. The reality is vastly different.

We see the realities of youth homelessness at Kids Under Cover. And we are fighting to prevent it.


FACT: 37% of people experiencing homelessness in Australia are under the age of 25. People aged 12-24 make up 24% of the homeless population in Australia.

FACT: Only 3% of young people experiencing homelessness are rough sleeping (sleeping on the street, parks etc)

Couch surfing, living in overcrowded homes or temporary accommodation make up the remaining 97%.

FACT: For vulnerable young people, their home life may be impacted by
- Overcrowding
- Poverty
- Family breakdown
- Disability and mental illness
- Unemployment

This can make the living situation at their family home unbearable, making the young person feel that they have no option but to leave, with nowhere to go,

FACT: Just 2% of young people who presented to specialist homelessness services were experiencing issues with drugs and alcohol.

FACT: Without a safe and secure place to call home, and the financial support to stay in school, focusing on education and employment can be almost impossible.

FACT: You can! Help us raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness in Australia by sharing these Myths & Facts with your friends. Plus you can also make a donation to join us in the fight against youth homelessness.

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How we prevent youth homelessness

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studios provided last year, providing a safe and secure home

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education scholarships awarded last year keeping kids connected to school

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young people call a Kids Under Cover studio home each night