Innovation for Growth

The Next Three-Years at Kids Under Cover.


In January, with the support of our friends at Deloitte, the Kids Under Cover Board and Senior Management team developed a new three-year strategic plan. To ensure we are all working toward common goals input from staff was also sought.

After a great deal of evaluation and examining the external environment, what we do and where we do it, the Board were pleased to conclude with a clear three-year vision.

Innovation for Growth is the focus for our new three-year strategy. Our priority remains to build studios and award scholarships.

To do this we must utilise our key strengths to both innovate and grow our impact.

To expand our unique Studio and Scholarship Programs to reduce youth homelessness it is essential we work on achieving financial independence and stability by diversifying our revenue streams.

Our current Donate Your Car® program along with the new social enterprise, Nestd are now leading this charge, along with the broadening of our funding through stronger philanthropic and corproate partnerships.

Whilst our geographic focus will remain in Victoria in year one, we will expand our unique offerings to further develop additional support for young people. Our Short Stays Studio Program and the Village 21 project will be the focus of expansion whilst we continue to deliver our Studio and Scholarship Programs business as usual.

In year one we will not actively seek expansion of our programs outside of Victoria, but plan for this in year two and possibly pursue interstate expansion in year three.

Our energy and resources are better focussed on improving the cost-effectiveness of our programs while assuring the quality of the studios and ongoing maintenance.

To achieve our strategic priorities building a strong workforce is imperative. Maintaining a positive workplace culture by recruiting and developing highly skilled and motivated employees while recognising and acknowledging their performance is essential.

Ensuring our team can perform at their best while feeling supported and valued will continue to be the secret to our success.


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