The Home Stretch Campaign

The Home Stretch Campaign 

Making great progress since its inception in August 2016, the Home Stretch campaign continues to push to change legislation for young people leaving care.

Over the past two years, 150 organisations and more than 2,500 people have joined the fight believing care should be extended to 21 years for young people in the Out-of-Home Care system.

Across Australia, more than half of all jurisdictions have launched the campaign and have begun advocating, lobbying and raising awareness.

Tasmania and South Australia have extended the age, it’s time for Victoria to follow suit! Show your support and join the campaign

Currently, in Victoria, once a young person in care turns 18 support from the Victorian government is cut off.

For many, this means no case manager, no family, nothing. They are often given no choice but to leave with nowhere to go. The rates of homelessness for this group of young people is high. One certain way of fighting youth homelessness is to support the push to extend foster care age from 18 to 21.


Australia’s housing affordability crisis is having a significant effect not just on those doing it tough. Millennials and their families are feeling the pinch with the latest data released by the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) showing well over 50% of people under 25 have never left home. In some cities and age groups that figure rises to over 80%.

Many young people who have been in Out-of-Home Care have no choice but to leave their foster family when they turn 18.  With few domestic or life skills and no idea where to start, this is a formula for failure.

Extending state care from the age of 18 to 21 makes sense & is one effective way of taking action to end youth homelessness.

Millennials are living longer at home while foster kids are being turned loose at 18. Would you kick your child out at 18?

Extending the leaving age to 21 would provide an opportunity for more young people to complete further education and find employment. Surrounded by the right people, with the right support will ensure they are more prepared and in a better position to live independently.

Congratulations to the Home Stretch campaign on the success and awareness raised so far. We know there is still a long way to go and encourage everyone to get involved, sign up to show your support at



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