South East Water Make a Splash

South East Water Assist with Bushfire Management Overlays.

In response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, Bushfire Management Overlay mapping was introduced in the state.  Aiming to make new homes, our communities and the environment safer and more resilient to bushfire, the Bushfire Management Overlay’s have also had significant implications on new studio builds.

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) triggers the need for new developments to include appropriate bushfire protection measures. For Kids Under Cover, this means any new studio builds in affected areas need to adhere to the regulations.

Building a studio in certain areas of Victoria now requires consideration of a range of bushfire issues such as siting of the building, providing defendable space, on-site water availability and emergency vehicle access.

In recent times we have faced challenges when building studios in areas of Victoria which are affected by the BMO. This has resulted in some studio builds being placed on hold as we worked on ways to meet the requirements.

In the true spirit of community, our friends at South East Water answered our call for help. The South East Water team have been working with us as we figure out the bushfire protection measures we needed to implement.

Sharon Young from South East Water with Marcia (carer of studio recipient) and Pete Zwiers from Kids Under Cover

Back in July, our CEO, Jo Swift was joined by the South East Water team onsite in Melbourne’s South East to see if they could help. The build of a two-bedroom studio for a young mum and her toddler had been on hold for almost 12 months while a solution to address the BMO requirements was pursued.

A result of our discussions with South East Water has seen those builds put on hold finally released after they donated 10x 5,000L water tanks and pumps for us to install in affected studio locations. And, like the families awaiting studios in these areas, we couldn’t be more grateful to have received this support.

South East Water really understand the value in early intervention initiatives like our Studio Program and are genuinely excited to be able to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people.

Thank you, South East Water.



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