Shirley Donates Her Car

Shirley’s Unwanted Car Makes a Difference.

Shirley was thrilled to find out that her local council, Moreland City Council, was a partner of Kids Under Cover. With a new car, she had left her old car sitting on the street where it eventually received an impoundment notice.


Car for Moreland story

“I didn’t actually notice that the sticker said Kids Under Cover so I was really surprised when I called the number and realised you were a charity. It was a great outcome,” said Shirley.

Having lived in Moreland City Council for more than ten years, Shirley couldn’t be happier to call it home. “I think it’s a great place to be and a good council, they will always hear you out and there is always something on in my community. I always look at the notice board at the local library to keep up to date.”


Working as an Operating Theatre Technician, doing good is close to Shirley’s heart.

“I worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital for ten years and would donate a few dollars from my wages to charity to help the kids there. The more I can do to help people the better,” says Shirley, who has been through hardship herself, “15-20 years ago, I was in a situation where I didn’t have a safe home so it feels great to be able to give back, especially for young people.”

Proud of her council’s support of Kids Under Cover, Shirley thinks Donate Your Car® is a great way to make a difference. “I would much rather see my car go to Kids Under Cover than sell it to the wreckers. It was easy, the tow truck driver was sweet and helpful, and I was able to do something meaningful with my car so I would definitely recommend the program and Kids Under Cover to others”, said Shirley.


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