Homelessness Week 2017

Action & Innovation – Homelessness Week 2017.

Homelessness Week is an annual week used to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness and the challenges they face.

The theme of this year’s Homelessness Week was ‘Action and Innovation ‘, a chance to highlight the many effective approaches specialist homelessness services continue to implement to respond to homelessness.

We believe action starts with awareness. During 7-13 August, we encouraged our supporters to help shine a light on the issue of homelessness. Talking to others about making a difference, sharing information and participating in events organised during the week all contribute to a more cohesive community.

The Kids Under Cover Studio and Scholarship Programs are leading the way in innovative intervention and prevention strategies.

We are not alone, there are many organisations within the sector delivering innovative services to those experiencing homelessness, and others providing innovative solutions to the crisis.  Yet funding for homelessness services has remained static over the past few years, with funding for prevention almost non-existent.

New census data soon to be released is sure to show a significant increase in the number of Australian’s experiencing homelessness. No surprise to those in the sector.

The private rental market has become unaffordable pushing low-income earners out and social housing numbers are at their lowest rate in 60 years. There is no doubt that we are at absolute crisis point.

Creating affordable housing is the foundation for addressing homelessness in Australia.

Of the more than 67,700 properties listed for rent in metropolitan and regional parts of Australia (on the weekend of 1-2 of April 2017), just 29 were affordable for a young person on Youth Allowance or Newstart. So if young people are unable to afford to rent a place to live, where are they to go?

During Homelessness Week the Council to Homeless Persons launched a new campaign calling on 100,000 new public or community housing properties over the next five years to help to end the housing crisis.

Keeping a roof over your head has never been harder. This campaign is about seeing real solutions to Australia’s biggest social and economic problem, the housing crisis.

Visit: endthehousingcrisis.org.au


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