2017 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship

2017 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship Takes a Creative Direction.

Announced in November at the Kids Under Cover annual supporter event, the recipient of the 2017 Ken and Lenka Morgan Scholarship is now able to follow his dream of working in the film industry.

Ben Borrelli completed year 12 at the end of 2016 and with the support of the scholarship is now enrolled at Qantm College to study film, screenwriting, directing and producing.

Ben is so passionate about films one referee on his scholarship application form commented on how he “talks non-stop about being a director.” He discusses movies in fine detail often commenting on how he would have made certain scenes in the film differently to better portray the essence.

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“It’s a huge honour I am very grateful for this opportunity. My dream is to one day become a movie director, and this will be a great help, thank you,” Ben told guests at the event in November, where his Mum Jen and Aunty Kath were present to celebrate the award.


In April 2008, Kids Under Cover supported Ben and his family with a two-bedroom studio, providing additional space which was desperately needed to ease overcrowding and alleviate tension.


With six young people in the family home, four of which are foster care placements, having two additional bedrooms and an extra bathroom has made an enormous difference for the entire family, and relieved a great deal of pressure.

Ben is an inspirational young man who has demonstrated incredible resilience having overcome some significant personal challenges. Having the space of a Kids Under Cover studio has enabled him to face these challenges head on, develop and grow into a well-equipped young adult, destined for a bright future.

Kids Under Cover and Ken and Lenka Morgan were delighted to award Ben with the scholarship and we look forward to seeing where Ben’s journey takes him.


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