Studios Make a Significant Difference

Studios Making a Difference

A Kids Under Cover studio makes a significant difference to the whole family, not just the young person at risk of homelessness

Many of the young people we support are dealing with trauma & grief, family homes are often overcrowded & mental health issues can really affect relationships within the home.  A Kids Under Cover studio can make a significant difference.

Read about the difference being made:

  • Read Pam’s* story and the difference a studio made to her four nieces and nephews
  • Dynamic duo proves with the right support, at the right time, anything is possible > read Aliesha and Teagan Newman’s story HERE
  • Brittnie – 2014 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship recipient – Where is she now?
  • Amy* was just four years old when she was sent to live with her Aunty Pam along with her three siblings – READ AMY’S STORY
  • A Kids Under Cover studio is often the only thing keeping a young person from becoming homeless read Ali’s story HERE
  • Additional space brings peace of mind and builds foundations for teenage sisters, read more HERE
  • Jess came to live with a foster family but was in danger of homelessness due to overcrowding read more HERE
  • “The day we found out we were getting a studio, we were so happy. Adam loves his studio. He has his friends over now – something he couldn’t do before” read Adam’s story HERE
  • “When Australian Catholic University offered me a place in the Diploma of Nursing, it was the best day of my life. I was so happy,” said Brittnie read Brittnie’s inspiring story HERE

Youth Homelessness – The Facts – READ MORE

The difference a studio can make to a young person at risk of homelessness can be life-changing.  A Kids Under Cover studio provide safe and secure accommodation for a young person at risk of homelessness whilst giving additional room for the whole family. Coupled with a Kids Under Cover scholarship young people are given the skills to become independent, successful adults.