Studios Make a Significant Difference

Studios Making a Difference

A Kids Under Cover studio makes a significant difference to the whole family, not just the young person at risk of homelessness

Many of the young people we support are dealing with trauma & grief, family homes are often overcrowded & mental health issues can really affect relationships within the home.  A Kids Under Cover studio can make a significant difference.

Read about the difference being made:

Sandi’s Story

“Sometimes, leaving just seemed easier,” she said. “I was so ready to grow up.”

“The studio saved our family”

“It was like someone waved a magic wand, and all the tension between the boys was gone because they both had their own space.”

Pam’s Story

The difference a studio can make to four nieces, nephews and a carer.

The Foundation for Sporting Success

Aliesha and Teagan Newman are just like all sisters and their rooms look just like most teenager’s rooms. But their rooms are a little different to most: the sisters have been living in a Kids Under Cover studio for the past three years.

Brittnie – Our First Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship Recipient

“We were living on top of each other in the two-bedroom house with one bathroom”

A Welcome Change – by Amy, a Kids Under Cover studio recipient.

“Not only did the studio make a huge difference to our family, the scholarships helped all of us to follow our dreams.”

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A Brighter Future for Ali

A Kids Under Cover studio is often the only thing keeping a young person from becoming homeless

Peace of Mind

A Kids Under Cover studio has made an immense difference to the lives of two teenagers, improving their wellbeing and educational outcomes. By Melissa Bann, Case Worker with Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency

Adam on the steps of his studio - sq

Adam and Ricky

“The day we found out we were getting a studio, we were so happy. Adam loves his studio. He has his friends over now – something he couldn’t do before”

Thomas and Jess

The Love of a Foster Family

“I know she is a lot happier being with us than in her old family”

The difference a studio can make to a young person at risk of homelessness can be life-changing.  A Kids Under Cover studio provide safe and secure accommodation for a young person at risk of homelessness whilst giving additional room for the whole family. Coupled with a Kids Under Cover scholarship young people are given the skills to become independent, successful adults.