July 7, 2023

Getting on with the job – Liam’s story

Liam has had a clear vision of his career path since he first started working at a family friend’s automotive refinishing business as a youngster.

“I loved it. So I decided to go to my local. And I’ve been here for two years now.  I like to think that in the years to come, and with the knowledge I gain on the job, I could become a mentor for new apprentices that come through the shop.”

Liam is one of two recipients of Kids Under Cover’s 2023 Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship. Recipients are identified from our Studio Program as being exceptional young talent with a clear educational pathway which would benefit from the boost the scholarship can bring.

As part of his apprenticeship, Liam spends a week every month doing theory training about an hour away from home. The funds from his scholarship will help with fuel and accommodation for this part of his training, among other things.

“I can also now get my manual driver’s licence,” Liam says. “I haven’t really had the chance to get it before considering I’ve had to buy tools and uniform and bits and pieces for work. And you need a manual licence to move the cars around. I also plan to get a forklift licence and do a first aid course. That’s what I’m going to use the money to do.”

Liam’s family received a Kids Under Cover studio in 2021 to help relieve the pressure of living in a crowded home.

“The studio gave my eldest sister a sense of independence while still being close enough to get the care she needs from our mum. It created a safe space for her to feel responsible as an adult and also gave us siblings a chance to grow without feeling crowded and cramped. I’ve noticed such a change in my sister – her confidence in herself and pride in herself and space. It’s a lot better now. We’re a lot happier. And we all get along a bit better.”

The Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship is named in honour of Kids Under Cover’s late founder Ken Morgan and his wife. It’s part of broader Scholarship Program which has delivered 350 scholarships to young people over the past year.

The program has shown that it offers various benefits to recipients beyond easing the burden of expenses. For someone like Liam, it can help broaden his skill base, giving him more opportunities to pursue his goals.

“I’ve sunk my teeth into this career from the beginning. And this will help me complete some of those things on the side that I haven’t quite gotten around to. I was so grateful to be given the opportunity of this apprenticeship and when I found out I had received the scholarship it changed the start to my career for the better.”