August 6, 2021

Providing Homes For Vulnerable Young Victorians

Additional funding from the Victorian Government will support the rehabilitation of young people transitioning out of youth justice.

The Victorian Government have today announced a further investment in providing stable and secure accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness, supporting rehabilitation for those who are in contact with youth justice.

More than $3.4 million in funding for 50 Kids Under Cover studios was announced last year, and the further $3.1 million announced today, an additional 45 relocatable studios, will help address the critical housing need for young people leaving youth justice. This will make a life changing difference for this vulnerable cohort.

“This investment will make a life changing difference for young people at risk and we are excited to work in partnership with the Victorian Government on addressing this critical housing need through our Studio Program” said Jo Swift, Kids Under Cover CEO.

“These studios mean young people who may otherwise have faced homelessness are able to stay close to loved ones and caregivers, but also have their independence. Keeping young people close to their support network is a key part of helping them stay on track” said Minister for Youth Justice Natalie Hutchins.

Kids Under Cover’s Scholarship Program will also support the young people to stay engaged in their education, through funding textbooks, school activities and travel costs for school or training.