Janine’s Story

Janine, her partner and their five children live in an overcrowded three-bedroom property.

Overcrowding, violence and financial stress are all too familiar to Janine’s family.

With seven people living in a three-bedroom home, Janine says the overcrowding is taking its toll on everyone. 

“I feel like we are broken as a family. The home is full of tension, everyone is on edge.”

Janine’s 15-year-old son Harry feels especially trapped by the tight space at home.

“He is an anxious and angry child. He often runs away from home and has violent outbursts to the point where the police have been involved,” explains Janine.

It’s not just the lack of space causing devastation for Janine’s family. Funds are tight and when it comes to education, Janine and her family feel there is no relief in sight.

“Harry has to wear the wrong uniform because I haven’t been able to buy him a new one. We simply can’t afford to. He’s had notes sent home from teachers and been in trouble at school for it too.”

It’s hard to imagine the devastation of not being able to provide the basics for education, and we know it goes beyond uniform.

You can make a difference for young people like Harry and Emma.



*Names have been changed to protect identities.
*Thanks to the models who appear in the imagery to protect the identity of our clients.

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