September 5, 2023

Include a gift in your will for charity week

Include a gift in your Will for Charity Week

Your legacy can be a promise for the future, for young people in need.

It’s back! Include a Charity Week is upon us and we’re asking the big question: Will you include a charity in your Will?

One of the most powerful ways you can support Kids Under Cover is by making your own Promise for Kids and leaving a gift in your Will to enable us to continue our work to end youth homelessness.

By dedicating a portion of your estate to helping Kids Under Cover and the young people we work with, you can promise that you will always be there to protect them, support them and help them thrive. We have partnered with Gathered Here – Australia’s most trusted online Wills platform – to help you write your Will for free and help make sure the people you love are well looked after, and if you would like to offer a Promise For Kids and support our mission to end youth homelessness, you can do so while using Gathered Here’s free Will service.

Click here to make your Promise for Kids.

Making a Promise for Kids

When you include a charity like Kids Under Cover in your Will, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you’re leaving a lasting impact on our community, and if you choose to contribute to our cause in this way, you will receive regular updates on the impact of our work and what your gift can achieve.

The impact of leaving a bequest to Kids Under Cover

Lourine shares her reflections on how Kids Under Cover’s Studio Program supported her family.

“Every child needs a safe and loving home. That’s why I took in three of my beautiful grandchildren, when their parents were no longer able to look after them. But our house was tiny. All the kids were sharing bedrooms and I was worried the oldest would just move away because of over-crowding.

Kids Under Cover built a studio in our backyard, giving us the space we needed. The studio kept the family together and made our home more peaceful

Growing up in this calm place, my grandchildren have healed from the trauma of their early years. Ahead of them, they have a bright future”

Deciding to leave a gift to charity in your Will is a significant decision, and we understand the importance of having comfort around your choice to leave a bequest. If you need assistance in learning more about the process of setting up a gift to Kids Under Cover as part of your estate planning process, you can download our guide, or reach out to our specialist advisor is here to answer your questions.