How Do I Apply?

What Do I Need Before I Apply?

  1. Studio reference number
    This is the unique ID attached to your Kids Under Cover Studio; this ID begins with a letter and is followed by four numbers. You will be asked to quote your Studio Reference Number on the scholarship application form. Please contact Kids Under Cover if you are unsure of your Studio Reference Number.
  2. Scholarship application ID
    You will be asked to provide this in your application. It was originally provided when you applied for Kids Under Cover Scholarship and shows you are a current Kids Under Cover Scholarship Recipient. This number begins with KUC2016 or KUCMY16 and is followed by a 3 digit number. Contact Kids Under Cover if you are unsure of your KUC Scholarship Application ID.
  3. Email address
    You must have an email address in order to submit and receive communication about your application.
  4. Referees
    You will be required to provide contact details for two referees who can vouch for what you are like as a person and what you are like to work with. These people should be able to talk about your abilities, aspirations and determination to reach your goals.

We Don’t Have A Computer or Online Access ‑ Can I Apply Via a Paper Application?

No. Applications for the Ken & Lenka Scholarship must be submitted online. We recommend using a local public library or internet kiosk if you do not have any other access to a computer or the internet.

How Will I Know If I Am Succesful?

After the application closing date, Kids Under Cover will review all applications against the selection criteria. All unsuccessful applicants will receive an email notifying them of the outcome and the successful applicant will receive a letter in the mail.


What Steps Are Involved?

  1. Apply
    Complete and submit the online application form. Note: Incomplete application forms or those submitted after the closing date will not be accepted
  2. Kids Under Cover review
    Kids Under Cover will review all applications against the selection criteria.
  3. Discussion
    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a discussion with Kids Under Cover regarding their application.
  4. Notification & award
    Unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the scholarship application outcome by email. The successful scholarship recipient will be notified by mail and may be invited to accept their certificate at a Kids Under Cover Event.
  5. Use the funds
    After consultation with Kids Under Cover, the successful candidate will spend the money on approved expenses.
  6. Record & submit expenses
    The scholarship recipient is responsible for recording scholarship expenses on the online Scholarship Expenditure Form provided.
  7. Submit an evaluation form
    The scholarship recipient submits a Scholarship Evaluation Form prior to the end of 2017 to outline how the scholarship has assisted them.



Call Kids Under Cover on (03) 9429 7444 or email

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