How to Get Education or Training Support

Education & Training Support via the Kids Under Cover Scholarship Program

By assisting young people with educational expenses, such as travel textbooks, and equipment, they can continue their studies or train for employment. Education has a substantial positive impact on confidence, self-esteem and employment prospects.

The Kids Under Cover Scholarship Program helps young people who have the passion and motivation to continue education but don’t have the resources. All young people and their siblings taking part in our Studio Program are eligible to apply when enrolled in school, in TAFE, in university or in job training.

The program is designed to encourage young people to remain engaged with education and training and to help enable those wanting to further their studies.

Kids Under Cover, working in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), also administers the DHHS Student Scholarship Program.

The Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship

The Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship is a one-off scholarship to the value of $5,000 awarded to an exceptional young person who is supported by our Studio Program. The scholarship can be used to assist you to pursue your personal, educational and career goals. For example, career counselling driving lessons, short life skills courses (i.e. first aid training, public speaking, RSA, etc.), creative and sporting pursuits (i.e. music lessons or tennis coaching) and international or national volunteer placements.

In November 2017 in a Ken & Lenka Morgan Scholarship first, TWO scholarships were awarded to deserving young people.

Tahlia Zayat and Bruno Tehan-Promorin were awarded the Ken & Lenka Morgans Scholarship for the 2018 academic year.

Tahlia is currently in her 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. She wishes to complete this degree and advocate for Indigenous children and youth and the injustices they face on a daily basis. Tahlia has worked for the Victorian Aboriginal Legal services which furthered her aspirations for supporting Indigenous people.

Tahlia received a Kids Under Cover studio in 2013.

Bruno has moved from Forrest, two- hours outside Melbourne into Melbourne to attend University and study nanotechnology. His goal is to become a Bio-Medical Nano-Technician so he can assist in finding ways to discover and treat cancer growths in patients and help others as he has been helped.

Bruno’s physics teacher inspires him because he has helped a lot of people with his work on diseases when he was a scientist at the C.S.I.R.O before he became a teacher.


Department of Health & Human Services 2019 Student Scholarship Program – Applications for the 2019 academic year are now closed – READ MORE about the program

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