How to Apply for a Studio

Providing Stable and Secure Accommodation for Young People

Kids Under Cover studio
A Kids Under Cover studio

The Studio Program is at the core of our work in preventing youth homelessness. We offer one and two-bedroom, fully relocatable studios (with bathroom) constructed on the grounds of the family or carer’s home. Each studio provides a stable, secure space for a young person to grow and study, while keeping them connected to their family or carer, thus reducing the risk of them being forced to leave home prematurely. A simple yet rigorous application process ensures young people get the help that’s appropriate to them.

Thank you for your interest in our Studio Program.

Please be advised that general applications for the Studio Program are currently closed. Please complete the  Studio Program Enquiry Form which registers your interest in the program, so that we may be in contact with you in the future if we can progress.

Kids Under Cover can support referrals via:

  • The Department of Youth Justice funding – to support young people at risk of offending, or who may have had previous or current interactions with the Youth Justice system

Kids Under Cover may also be able to support referrals via:

  • Flexible/brokerage funding – to support young people who may be at risk of entering/exiting Out of Home Care (via Better Futures or Home Stretch). Or where young people may be supported by brokerage funding, such as NDIS.     

Please let us know if you would like us to explore one of these options. Contact or 03 9429 7444 for more information about how you can apply.    

If you have already submitted a studio application to Kids Under Cover, your application will be assessed and we will be in contact with you directly. If you have been asked for more information for an application already submitted, please respond as requested.   

Studio builds will continue for approved applications, as will annual auditing and maintenance works.  

Our Scholarship Program will continue as per normal operations.  

Please contact or 03 9429 7444 with any queries