How to Apply for a Studio

Providing Stable and Secure Accommodation for Young People

Kids Under Cover studio
A Kids Under Cover studio

The Studio Program is at the core of our work in preventing youth homelessness. We offer one and two-bedroom, fully relocatable studios (with bathroom) constructed on the grounds of the family or carer’s home. Each studio provides a stable, secure space for a young person to grow and study, while keeping them connected to their family or carer, thus reducing the risk of them being forced to leave home prematurely. A simple yet rigorous application process ensures young people get the help that’s appropriate to them.

For young people and families

Kids Under Cover accepts applications for a studio through Community Service Organisations (CSOs). If you are not already in contact with a CSO, have a look at this list for an appropriate organisation for you. Once you speak with your CSO case manager they can apply for a studio on your behalf.

For Community Service Organisations

A Kids Under Cover studio can be applied for by a CSO on behalf of a young person and their family. The CSO must be a member organisation of Kids Under Cover in order to apply for a studio.

Please speak to our Studio Program the application process > call us on 1800 801 633 or (03) 9429 7444 or email

Eligibility Criteria

Application process

Applications for a Kids Under Cover studio are temporarily closed. For further information please contact our studio team via email, or call us on (03) 9429 7444.