How to Apply for a Studio

Providing Stable and Secure Accommodation for Young People

Kids Under Cover studio
A Kids Under Cover studio

The Studio Program is at the core of our work in preventing youth homelessness. We offer one and two-bedroom, fully relocatable studios (with bathroom) constructed on the grounds of the family or carer’s home. Each studio provides a stable, secure space for a young person to grow and study, while keeping them connected to their family or carer, thus reducing the risk of them being forced to leave home prematurely. A simple yet rigorous application process ensures young people get the help that’s appropriate to them.


Are you enquiring for yourself or somebody in your family?

Kids Under Cover works with Community Services Organisations to provide studios to families.

If you are not currently being supported by a Community Service Organisation, then Services Australia can link you to the most appropriate service. Their number is 132 850 (this is the Centrelink number, but you can call and ask to speak with a social worker).

If you are homeless, at risk of homelessness or  living with family violence please see Housing Victoria Crisis & emergency accommodation. Phone: 1800 825 955 (free call) or (03) 9536 7777.

For all other emergencies please contact 000.

If you are residing in government housing you can also make contact with your Housing Officer as they may be able to support your application or seek alternative options.   


Are you part of a Community Service Organisation & are enquiring about an existing referral or new referral?

We are very sorry to advise that Kids Under Cover has temporarily closed applications for our Studio Program.

As we communicated when we re-opened applications in May, we only had limited funding available to provide a small number of studios. We have now received more applications than we have funding for.

We are working closely with the Victorian Government and our Philanthropic Partners to seek further funding to meet the ever-growing demand for studios in our community. We hope to be able to re-open our applications again soon and will communicate any changes on our website and directly to our partner Community Service Organisations.  

While we need to close our general applications, there are some limited circumstances where we may still be able to provide Studio assistance if you have clients who:

  • Are involved in the youth justice system
  • Are involved in the Children’s Court Youth Diversion Service
  • Have access to Targeted Care Packages or other means of brokerage funding that can pay for a studio

Contact or 03 9429 7444 for more information about how you can apply.    

If you have already submitted a studio application to Kids Under Cover, your application will be assessed and we will be in contact with you directly. If you have been asked for more information for an application already submitted, please respond as requested.   

Studio builds will continue for approved applications, as will annual auditing and maintenance works.  

Our Scholarship Program will continue as per normal operations.  

Please contact or 03 9429 7444 with any queries