Community Service Organisations

Kids Under Cover works with more than 50 Community Service Organisations (CSOs)  in Australia. These organisations may already be working with families and young people on a number of issues, such as substance abuse, child protection or domestic violence, and during this process the case worker identifies the young person or family in need of our service. The case worker then applies to Kids Under Cover on behalf of the young person.

Applying for a Kids Under Cover Studio

Member Community Service Organisations (CSOs) must apply for studios on behalf of the young person and their family. The role of the CSOs is to act as a mediator between the clients (young people and families) and Kids Under Cover.

If you are part of a member Community Service Organisation and wish to apply for a studio, please contact our Programs Department to discuss your application, on 1800 801 633 or email

If you are a young person at risk of homelessness, or someone who cares for one, you will need to contact a Community Service Organisation  who can apply for a studio on your behalf.

Useful documents:

CSO Membership requirements and Memorandum of Understanding

Studio agreement with carer/client