Paying it Forward

Third Generation Family Car Eager to Help

For most of us a car isn’t just a car – it is a cherished family member, responsible for transporting our most precious; our kids, parents and even pets.

These days, many of us change cars at an increasingly steady rate, and most cars get to live with many different families throughout its lifetime, but not this one.

The Quinn family have owned their 1996 Ford Fiesta for three generations with Daniel’s grandmother buying it brand new 21-years-ago. At the time, she just needed a new car after the old one had been damaged by hail, but it soon became a permanent fixture in the family.

For Daniel, the feisty Fiesta has been there most of his life, taking him safely to kinder, school and now work and University where he is studying a double degree in economics and finance.

“When my mum lived at home with my grandmother, studying for her PhD, she started using the car,” Daniel explains. Eventually, it became his turn to get behind the wheel of this family heirloom, and it did not disappoint! “I bought the car (from my mother) about a year ago, to get to and from my job at a winery in the Barossa Valley. I have absolutely adored that car, it is so trustworthy and reliable,” says Daniel, who is convinced the car is so good “it could survive a nuclear bomb.”

It is no small feat to stay loyal to a family for so many years and although the Fiesta has never let any of the Quinn’s down, it is time for it to go to and help a new family. Daniel found out about Kids Under Cover through a friend who found themselves without a stable and secure place to call home.

When realising the Fiesta could help young people at risk of homelessness, he was quick to make the decision to donate the Fiesta to Kids Under Cover’s Donate Your Car® Program. “I didn’t pay a lot for the car and it has been so good to me so I don’t need anything else from it and really just want to pay it forward,” Daniel concludes with a big smile.

Contact us on or call 1800 801 633 if you would like to donate your vehicle and make a difference.

Donate Your Car®